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Welcome to   Cunningham Landscape Lighting, LLC
Now you can experience the outdoors like never before, extend your daytime lifestyle into the night hours and enjoy the beauty of your home and surrounding property after sunset with the strategic use of light.  By highlighting the unique design elements of your home and landscaping, you can draw attention to architectural details and unusual or beautiful plants and trees providing a dramatic scene for your enjoyment while indoors or for entertaining outdoors.  Professionally installed lighting provides safety, security and adds value to your home.
Our long established relationships with major lighting manufacturers and local suppliers assure excellent product support, prompt delivery and competitive pricing.  With twenty three years of experience in outdoor lighting design, installation and service, Cunningham Landscape Lighting will provide an outdoor lighting system designed specifically for you.  

Contact Cunningham Landscape Lighting today for a free evaluation and estimate by calling (616) 774-2355 or email at .